Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will China be helping with domestic Internet infrastructure?

As discussed in a previous post, China has played a major role in financing and installing the undersea cable between Venezuela and Cuba, but there has been little discussion of complementary domestic infrastructure needed to reach beyond the cable landing point.

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping (shown here with Raul Castro) is leaving Cuba today after a three-day visit, where he announced a commitment to accelerate fast-growing economic relations between the two nations and committed to an estimated $6 billion investment in oil and natural gas.

The energy agreement was the big news, but, according to China Daily, there were also agreements on "cooperation" in other areas including digital television and telecommunications. There were no details, but perhaps these agreements will provide financing for the domestic infrastructure required to exploit the undersea cable.

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  1. There was an announcement in television from the ICRT (Cuban Institute of Radio and Television) about one year ago that there are plans to start switching to digital television in 2015 and finish by 2020. Due-dates in Cuba are never respected, but at least it is a fact they feel there is a need for this upgrade.


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