Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What happened at the CLIC Festival?

I had understood that the CLIC Festival was to be a forum for proposals, not complaints, and that participants were welcome from all sectors -- civil society, the government, etc. As such, I wrote an article for a conference issue of Cuba Voices.

In keeping with the theme, I concluded with a specific, short-term proposal: that INFOMED be given immediate access to the ALBA-1 cable, allowing them to provide Spanish language medical and health care education online. (It was similar to the proposal in this post).

I was on vacation and disconnected from the Internet at the time of the conference, so missed the news while it was going on. I just returned, and, in searching online for news of the conference, find only the usual political discussion.

What about the conference content as opposed to the politics -- what actually went on? Were there other proposals? Was there any government participation? Will there be a published proceedings? Were any conclusions or recommendations reached?

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