Friday, October 25, 2013

Public relations campaign to Connect Cuba is seeking crowd source funding

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba has launched an Internet campaign, Connect Cuba. They are attempting to raise $34,950 for a the campaign on the crowd source funding site Indiegogo. They have raised $28,035 so far, and the campaign ends at midnight tonight.

If they meet their financial goal, they plan to produce a high quality campaign video about the current human rights situation in Cuba, launch it online, along with an original song currently being developed to inspire the international community in supporting the human rights movement in Cuba, sign an important global petition, and create global support for the human rights movement in Cuba.

update 10/27/2013

The Connect Cuba campaign on Indiegogo succeeded (barely) -- they raised $35,235 so will now produce a song and PR campaign.

Update 11/4/2013

Connect Cuba has given a rough description of their planned campaign. The flash drive distribution project sounds interesting -- what sort of material will be included? Will it be a one-shot distribution or an ongoing project with new content in each distribution?

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