Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Leaked documents

Carlos Alberto Pérez publishes leaks -- "Chirileaks" -- on his blog La Chringa de Cuba. Two leaks pertaining to the Internet were one on Cuba's national broadband plan and another on ETECSA's plan for home connectivity.

Cuba is not known for kindness to dissidents, so one wonders why Pérez still has his job, not to mention his freedom. The answer might be that these are intentional leaks -- letting the world and the Cuban people know that Cuba is paying attention to the Internet and plans to improve things. Cuba has declared the Internet a priority and these leaks lend credence to that claim.

Anonymous quotes, "trial balloons" and government leaks are common in the US and Cuba may be doing the same. Regardless, Pérez is giving us interesting information and I hope the Chirileaks keep coming.

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