Friday, November 20, 2015

Cuban Internet interruptions

Is there a connection between Cuba's email interruption and access to the Reflejos blogs?

Cuban email has been interrupted and colleague Doug Madory discovered that access to Cuba's Reflejos blogs at is inconsistent. One can access the Reflejos home page, but some links work and others do not. For example, try these permalinks:

or the blog home pages: and

The connections to these requests are inconsistent. Sometimes they work and others not. When they fail, they do not time out, they just take forever, so a handshake must at least be made.

Does that suggest some sort of flooding DoS attack? Do these problems have a common cause?

Update 11/21/2015

The Reflejos blogs seem to be working again, but I've not seen an update on Nauta email.

Update 12/1/2015

I've been told that Nauta email is only working on the WiFi network from 7am to 11pm and it will not work in the Nauta rooms.

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