Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gathering data from within Cuba

I interviewed an anonymous Internet user for my report on the state of the Internet in Cuba. I was curious about control over access to information and services at various locations.

He told me that domestic email and Web pages can be accessed from all locations. International email is blocked at the Youth Computer Clubs (YCCs) and some work places. He said there is no international web access at the YCCs, and Web sites are filtered at other locations. (See Table 6 in the report). Of course this is anecdotal -- only one person's experience. (Have you had a different experience in Cuba)?

Can we get better data using a survey? I don't know if we can get much response, but let's try one.

Several comments in a previous post on Alan Gross said that many people in Cuba have illegal access to Direct TV, a popular satellite television service for US homes. Underground TV might be more important than underground Internet access. To learn a little more, I set up a two-minute survey on illegal TV in Cuba in English and in Spanish.

If you are in Cuba or have been there recently, please complete the anonymous survey.

Also, since many people do not have Web access, please forward the following versions to others using email:
I do not think many people read this blog, but perhaps we can spread the survey by sending it to others and asking them to pass it around.

I will post a summary of whatever results we have in one month.

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