Monday, January 28, 2013

Two videos say Internet access in Cuba is rare and difficult -- duh

Havana Times has a review of "Ojos que te miran: Entre redes" (Eyes That Look at You: Among the Networks), a 13 minute documentary on Internet access in Cuba.

The documentary points out the well known limitations on Cuban Internet access and questions the value of the computer training students receive in school for future application and employment if they cannot use the Internet after graduation. (We have discussed the cost of training on obsolete technology in an earlier post).

This is one in a series of twelve short documentaries called "Ojos que te miran" addressing social issues of concern to young Cubans. Cuban filmaker Rigoberto Senarega heads the project.

I tried to find the documentaries online or to get contact information for Senagega or the author of the Havana Times article, but failed. Has anyone seen this documentary?

TV Martí has produced a 3½ minute video featuring snippets of man-in-the-street interviews of Cubans in Guantanmo. The interviewees either do not know what the Internet is or find it generally out of their reach. While that is true, the impact of the video is reduced by the fact that it is from TV Martí.

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