Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anne Nelson's visit to Havana

Anne Nelson, who teaches New Media and Development Communication at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs has described her experience with the Internet during a trip to Havana.

The post is quite interesting. She talks with a lot of young people about the Internet, accessing the Internet from hotels, Cuban policy and more. Her post also includes pictures she took, like this one of the Youth Computer Club headquarters building.

I was struck by the contrast between her visit there and mine nearly twenty years ago, when the Internet was fresh and the networking community optimistic. She was turned away at the door -- no foreigners were allowed in and no photographs. When I visited one evening, I was welcomed. I spent a couple hours hanging out and had a long meeting with the director. I also recall watching US satellite TV on one of those old RGB TV projectors and snapped this photo of a framed note from Fidel, written when he dedicated the Youth Computer Clubs in 1991.

I came back later during the day and watched kids -- mostly playing computer games -- and computer classes in progress. I also recall a warm reception at the Youth Computer Club booth at the Informatica conference and exposition:

Times have changed :-(. Check out Anne's post -- you'll like it.

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